Career Transition / Outplacement

Tailored Career Transition / Outplacement Programs

When it comes to our Career Transition / Outplacement services, out logo sums up our approach.  It may sound a little corny, but we do really want your employees to soar as a result of their interaction with us. And our three linchpin words are… SUPPORT…STRATEGY and …SKILLS.

  • When it comes to support, our Consultants possess this quality as a fundamental tenet.
  • Our consultants are naturally strategic problem-solvers. They help your employees identify a vision for their next job and implement their strategy, and they keep them on track when it comes to their job search activities, especially in relation to the dreaded Networking.
  • We like to say that we transfer our career skills to your employees so that they are independent of us.

A Team Approach

We use a team-based approach which means that each participant has the potential to work with more than one consultant. Our customised solutions include:

  • Individual development plans for senior executives / key individuals
  • Group sessions to develop individual career paths
  • Training for Managers on conducting Notification Meetings with their staff

Tailored Career Transition / Outplacement Programs

Each program is individually tailored to meet specific needs and participants will develop:

  • a full understanding of their saleable strengths
  • a workable knowledge of their potential market
  • the ability to sell themselves to the decision-makers in their potential market

In other words, they will know specifically what it is they have to sell, to whom they should sell it, and how to sell it when they get to the decision-maker who can buy it.

Complete Program Delivery

When it comes to Senior Programs, we do not cut corners by focusing simply on Job Search.  Instead, we spend as much time as is needed to work through the critical Self Assessment component of an individual program.

And, we will arrange as many sessions per week as is needed to meet each participant’s timetable. This means that they move on to their new life as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our National Alliance: The Best of the Best

We deliver programs of all size and scope throughout Australia.  Instead of founding a national brand, we have found the Best of the Best practitioners in every state of Australia. Through our Alliance we are responsive, caring, expert and well-networked. We deliver programs of all size and scope throughout Australia. 

Queensland & NSW: Trevor-Roberts Associates
Trevor-Roberts Associates partners with organisations who care about their people.  They bring you practical, proven strategies to create excitement, motivation and fulfilment in people’s careers.

Victoria: Career Management Group
The CMG Team have been carefully selected to match the passion and drive for candidate care that is the hallmark of the organisation. These highly trained and commercially experienced professional career consultants/strategists have the authority and the ability to personally tailor each program ensuring that “delivery equals expectation”.

Western Australia: Anna Harris & Associates
Anna Harris & Associates offers a team of experienced and highly skilled consultants who are Registered Psychologists – consultants who all meet high standards of professionalism and expertise.

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