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Innovative Career Management Programs

Your employees spend so much time and energy at work, it makes sense to help them to ensure that they are engaged and motivated while they are there.

The Career Consultancy is the only specialist practice in Australia that has developed such a broad range of career management programs to galvanise and revitalise your employees.  We can deliver these programs anywhere in Australia so that your employees have this support at their fingertips, with the minimum of fuss.

Once you've explored our range, please feel free to phone our Director, Catherine Cunningham, for a confidential discussion about your workforce needs. 

Career Empowerment

This fast-paced program presents employees with a smorgasbord of critical career elements to allow them to take charge of their own careers.

Participants first complete an online assessment which provides valuable insights into their career preferences and choices. This is followed by an interactive workshop which skills them in the essentials of career management.

This program develops a flexible, mobile workforce that is empowered and skilled to move into opportunities in the organisation.  It creates awareness among employees about internal career options and increases the chances of retaining and developing employees who are valuable.

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Career Resilience

Do your staff respond to change with enthusiasm and determination, not fear and resistance?

Organisations looking for a competitive edge are focusing on improving the resilience of their staff. And those organisations which are focused on increasing the diversity of their emerging and current leaders understand that their employees need career support in order to step up.

The Career Resilience Program delivers true “Win Win”.  This inspiring program provides structured sessions to allow your staff to develop and build on essential career life skills.

The result?  Individuals who take responsibility for their own career and growth, while maintaining commitment to the organisation’s success. 

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Executive OnBoarding

The First Ninety Days in a new Executive Appointment are critical.  According to the Corporate Leadership Council, “Fifty percent of newly hired executives quit or are fired within the first three years.”

The direct costs to the organisation of a failed external hire can be as much as 10 times the executive's salary. The indirect costs of loss of productivity, morale, and reputation can be even more significant.

Clearly, there's a compelling business-results rationale for ensuring that OnBoarding works in your organisation because even a small improvement in OnBoarding effectiveness can yield significant productivity results.

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Career Compass

Are you worried whether your valued employees are going to stay with you?
Do you have Benchwarmers or Disengaged employees who drain the energy from others around them?

Consider the famous “bus” quote from Good to Great author, Jim Collins: "When businesses need to do more with less, engaged employees may be the difference between surviving and thriving."

Career Compass will help your organisation to keep the right people on the bus and allow the wrong people to understand that they may need to get off the bus, with dignity.

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Coaching for Success

Leadership in the top management ranks is often a lonely business. It can be difficult to get accurate feedback or to find a confidential, unbiased sounding board.

As a result, successful organisations commonly identify their best and brightest and use coaching to turn them into more effective leaders.

Our Executive Coaching is customised to address individual needs, with regular support and opportunities to integrate learning into real life work experiences.

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