Do What You Are - Use MBTI for Career Choices


It makes sense for you to be doing a job which complements your outlook on life. Use the world-famous MBTI assessment tool to delve into your essential personality preferences and learn the impact of these on your current and future career needs.

The Myers-Briggs® assessment has helped millions of people around the world better understand themselves and how they interact with others, for more than 60 years. Top Career Practitioners all around the world use it to help their clients make good career choices.

Your experienced MBTI practitioner will verify your results and help you match the essence of who you are with the type of work that you do. Our approach is one of possibilities and opportuunities.  Our Career Consultants are experts at helping you to identify important career implications that come out of your personality preferences.  And, it's very enjoyable!

The cost of this one-hour session includes the online Myers Briggs Type Indicator Stage II Interpretative Report.


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