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Vlog: Do What You Are

24 October, 2017

Discover your personality preferences to help you make better career choices and be happier at work. MBTI is the most used instrument in the world and it is a favourite of most Career Specialists around the world.


Brand Your Cover Letter to put you On Top of the Interview Pile

23 October, 2017

One of the most difficult documents in the world to get right...The Cover Letter. Here's the essentials...short, sharp and put you on top of the interview pile.


Vlog: Know, Like, Trust - Excelling at Career Self Marketing

22 October, 2017

People will buy from people they… know… like… and… trust. My Top Ten Tips to help apply these words to your ongoing self-marketing activities.


Harness the Power of 21st Century Online Marketing: LinkedIn

15 October, 2017

The world of job hunting has seen some dramatic change in recent times and when it comes to hiring, LinkedIn clearly dominates. But it goes beyond that… Learn the secrets of LinkedIn in our Infographic.


Launch of My Career Rules!

14 October, 2017

Thanks to Megan Hender for her warm introduction to the launch of my book, My Career Rules!

A great crowd at the National Wine Centre and we had lots of fun.


Uncovering Treasures: The Hidden Job Market

13 October, 2017

Contacting potential employers directly is fundamental to successful Job Search; however it does require preparation, confidence and persistence. 4 key elements to help you uncover your next role...


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