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Article in The Advertiser, 14 January 2017

14 January, 2017

My input on the importance of Cover Letters, click link below to read article.


Vlog: Navigating Mid Life Career Changes

12 January, 2017

Most people think they have only one option if they are no longer satisfied by their current job. This is not the case; at any one time we have several options and only ONE is to leave our current place of work.


5 tips in 5 minutes

14 December, 2016

Phew! 5 Tips in 5 Minutes as Guest Speaker at the National Conference for the National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services. Signing books after was much easier.


Vlog: Need to reshape your Career?

12 December, 2016

Are you suffering a mid-life career crisis? Most people think that they have only one choice if they are no longer satisfied by their current job, that is to quit. You don't actually need to leave your organisation to achieve better career satisfaction.


Article in The Advertiser, 13 August 2016

13 August, 2016

Featured in, Saturday's Career Section of The Advertiser. Preparing for Video Interviews. Click link below to read relating blog


Article in The Australian, 16 July 2016

16 July, 2016

My input into a careers article in The Australian over the weekend. My message is that you need to help people come to terms with their job loss so that they can then take meaningful steps to find their next job. Click link below to read article.


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