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Vlog: Gap Analysis that sets your Career Compass

25 August, 2017

Want to make significant changes in your career? A Gap Analysis is a simple effective tool.


More Graduates than Jobs

24 August, 2017

After a Graduate job in one of the most competitive times in the job market? Here are tips that will help you to succeed in critical areas such as: Video Interviews, Social Media and strong Job Search strategies to prepare you for this market.


Vlog: Me Ltd for Career Success

23 August, 2017

Tips on how to achieve long term job security by behaving as if you are a business. It's called Me Ltd.


Salary Negotiation - Frightening Statistics for Women Executives

30 July, 2017

Even Jennifer Lawrence wasn't able to negotiate as high a salary as her Hunger Games colleagues, so what chance does an ordinary female Executive have?


Vlog: Overcoming Communication Canyons at Work

3 July, 2017

Under stress, e.g in a job interview, we tend to favour one of four basic communication styles. People by far prefer to listen to someone with their own communication style.


Living Over 100 - Surviving and Thriving in Your Career and Retirement

1 July, 2017

Latest reports show that more than 30% of those born in 2015 will live until they are 100! What will this mean for our careers, health and retirement?


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