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Our résumé writing service includes a one-on-one personal telephone interview with a Consultant so we can produce a document that truly makes you stand out! Everyone is different and each and every résumé is written from scratch. We put in details that are specific to you, such as the size and scope of your projects and accomplishments.

The costs for our specialised résumé writing packages are based on the time it takes to craft an outstanding résumé that will assist you get that all-important interview and hopefully result in your being offered the position you are seeking.

The actual cost depends on the product you decide to purchase. Since everyone is at a different stage of their career we offer a range of résumé packages for you to choose from.



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Standard service delivery for résumé is 7 -9 working days. Please let us know if you require your résumé to be delivered within 3 days.
A 20% surcharge applies to urgent requests.


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