Interview Skills Coaching - Win that Job!

Our aim is not just that you are offered the role – we want to switch the balance of power to you, so that the employer starts to worry: "I wonder if she will accept our job offer – she's so good, she must have everyone after her!"

Not only can this result in a higher salary offer, but you start your new role with a halo effect, so that they can't wait for you to start.

We work with you in two separate sessions. We cover off on types of interviews you are likely to face as well as critical issues like First Impressions. Then, it's practice, practice, practice. We take the role of the interviewer and prepare you for the specific interview you face. We train you to tell interesting, compelling stories that prove that you have the attributes/skills/background that they are after. And the better you become at answering, the tougher we get. At the end, you can leap over tall buildings in a single bound, so to speak, so that you are their top pick.

Gain an edge with interview coaching customised to your unique situation.





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