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Ok, so you've got the basics like résumés and interview skills covered.  Where to from here?  
Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer a suite of specific specialised career services that you can tap into as the need arises. 


Select the Support You Need to Succeed...

Outplacement for Executives and Professionals

If your role has been made redundant or you are facing redundancy, we are here to help you.
We offer highly personalised Individual Outplacement programmes. The design, content and style of delivery is always built around your needs to ensure that you get the best possible help.

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Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is one of the trickiest aspects of Job Search and negotiating an advantageous salary package takes practice and skill. We can open your eyes to "Win Win" Salary Negotiation strategies that focus on your needs without alienating your next boss.

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Time for a Career Change

You're not sure what the problem is, but you know that something is not quite right with your current career or job.  We help you work out EXACTLY what is important to you in a career, what type of work fits best with your personality preferences, and we help your trace your pathway to your new future.

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Staying on Track with your Career

Issues that matter to you may include managing a long-term career path, building your personal brand, fulfilling a desire for challenge and stimulation, repositioning your career, getting back on track after a career setback, pursuing greater work/life balance, changing career direction and more.  Access our warm, caring and skilled consultants to ensure that you stay on track with your career.

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Next Career Steps after Your Degree

You're being sensible and starting to think about your first real job WHILE you are still at University. We provide a solid sounding board and Job Search strategies to help you build on your dreams, so that you move seamlessly from University to your new career.

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Do What You Are - Understand Your Career Preferences

Delve into your essential personality preferences and learn the impact of these on your current and future career needs.  We use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Stage II Interpretative Report and a follow-up individual session with an experienced career practitioner to help you match the essence of who you are with the type of career that you pursue. 

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Did I Do the Right Degree?

The last time you had a good think about your career choices may well have been at school.  Now that you are older, more experienced and perhaps know yourself better, it may be time to check the essentials.

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The Career Consultancy provides great support for any Executive looking to elevate their career to the next level. Catherine and the team do this by providing specialist insights on Job Search networking, interview skills and personal and professional self development. A very rare combination of rigour and support that help maximise the likelihood of career success.
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