Want that job? 10 Tips to Avoid Shipwreck

9 April, 2018

People buy on emotion rather than cold data.
Yet, time and time again, I come across candidate behaviours that are perfect… for alienating their prospective buyer, aka future boss.


Eliminate 5 Disastrous Self-talk Moments to Fine Tune your Career

28 February, 2018

One of my clients was a former Rhodes Scholar. You can imagine how nervous I was throughout our first meeting. ‘What can someone so smart ever gain from working with me?’ was my negative self-talk at the time.


Behind the Scenes with Stunning Candidates...What are they saying about YOU?

29 January, 2018

Lean, agile and dynamic?

Hmmm… Would that describe you and your recruitment practices?


Salaries and Women: Switch from Missing Out to Brave & Bold

29 November, 2017

If Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t get paid as much as her male Hunger Games colleagues, what are our chances?


5 Top Career Trends for 2018: It's Time to Uncover your Eyes

30 October, 2017

Just like trending hashtags, things are moving very quickly in the world of work these days.
How up to date are you?
How well is your career tracking?
What should you be keeping an eye on?


Interviews: They will judge YOUR book by YOUR cover

29 September, 2017

Occasionally I work with clients who don’t want to do any interview skills practice. They’re more than happy to discuss the theory of how to answer well in an interview.


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