Insider Secrets to be a Happy and Snappy Turk at Work

5 April, 2019

Picture this! You walk in your door after work. You’ve had an interesting, dynamic day with your work mates and you’ve still got plenty of energy left to kick on. After a quick change of clothes, you’re in the zone and having fun.


Robots Rule! Phone Interviews & AI with a (nasty) twist

22 March, 2019

I dread selling myself over the phone.

As an easy conversationalist, I am never afraid to pipe up and give my two cents’ worth when I meet a stranger. Not on the phone, though, when my performance drops by about 25%. On cold sales calls, I ofte


Mimic these 5 Iconic Aussie Animals: Latest Career Survival Advice

11 February, 2019

Quokkas rule!

Roger Federer and his Instagram selfie are my favourite amongst these 5 career tips that range from simple to serious – even though #mytobydog steals the show with top billing above.


The 12 Days of (Career) Christmas

18 January, 2019

On the first day of Christmas, my true (career) love gave to me

Christmas is about giving but it is also about happiness.

Here are 12 career gifts that your true (career) love aka ME is giving to you to be happier at work.


Increase your Interview Likeability and Self Confidence Score: 8 Tips to Win them Over

19 November, 2018

'I got my last job because my boss liked my personality in the interview.'

My client, Ernesto, was almost certainly right, so truly charming and self confident was he. (He then sensibly added that, of course, he still made sure that he delivered th


5 Insider Secrets to Shine at Work: Startling Research Debunks a Career Myth

29 October, 2018

‘I feel like a butterfly!’

This comment from a client floated or should I say flapped across the coffee table to me this week. And, as I walked back to the office I reflected yet again about how wonderful it is to work in an area where ou


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