7 Tips from Global Marketing Experts: How to be the Go-To Candidate

23 September, 2019

Are you ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging trends?

Is your technical approach sound and in line with Best Practice?

How about your drive to implement and your tracking against KPIs?


Want a Job in Oz? 10 Reasons to Shun International Career Experts

9 August, 2019

We are a weird mob at times here Down Under…

If you search online for ‘career advice’, ‘job interviews’ or anything to do with the world of work, Google will do its job and load up the most popular sites. By sheer weight of numbers, these sites are lik


Ancient Wilderness Offers up Four Career Lessons

5 July, 2019

They call it the majestic and mysterious Kimberley – and I was off to visit vast stretches of its pristine coastline with magical sights only accessible by boat: Horizontal Falls, remote waterholes, fascinating Bradshaw Aboriginal art and the massive Mont


Ghosting, Cracking the 'Potential' Code and Surviving Restructures: Career Strategies for 2019

17 May, 2019

Three new career obstacles already in 2019! These issues are emerging as challenges not just for your immediate career future but also for your longer term reputation and brand.


Insider Secrets to be a Happy and Snappy Turk at Work

5 April, 2019

Picture this! You walk in your door after work. You’ve had an interesting, dynamic day with your work mates and you’ve still got plenty of energy left to kick on. After a quick change of clothes, you’re in the zone and having fun.


Robots Rule! Phone Interviews & AI with a (nasty) twist

22 March, 2019

I dread selling myself over the phone.

As an easy conversationalist, I am never afraid to pipe up and give my two cents’ worth when I meet a stranger. Not on the phone, though, when my performance drops by about 25%. On cold sales calls, I ofte


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