Increase your Interview Likeability and Self Confidence Score – 8 Tips to Win them Over

19 November, 2018

‘I got my last job because my boss liked my personality in the interview.’

My client, Ernesto, was almost certainly right, so truly charming and self confident was he. (He then sensibly added that, of course, he still made sure that he delivered th


5 Insider Secrets to Shine at Work: Startling Research Debunks a Career Myth

29 October, 2018

‘I feel like a butterfly!’

This comment from a client floated or should I say flapped across the coffee table to me this week. And, as I walked back to the office I reflected yet again about how wonderful it is to work in an area where our support


Unlock the secret of High Power Poses: 3 simple steps to transform your interview performance

28 September, 2018

You’ve done the hard work preparing for the interview and the day has arrived.

Now picture this. You’re waiting in the Reception area - hunched over your chair, anxiously checking your cell phone and swamped by glum thoughts.


Executive Salary Negotiation - Not Greed but Need: 5 Tips to Thrive

17 September, 2018

Strong résumé? – Tick! Compelling interview performance? – Yep! Salary negotiation skills? - Gulp! Rightly or wrongly, many Executives think that they have the basic tool kit of applying for jobs down pat.


Pick the Winner! Career Myth vs the 5-Year Plan

27 August, 2018

The Career Myth starred in a recent Harvard Business Review article which picked up on something career specialists have known for a long time. The 5-Year Plan, on the other hand, has slipped from view and fallen from favour.


8 Cover Letters Must-Haves… Switch from Weak to Top of the Interview Pile

6 August, 2018

I’ve never liked working on Cover Letters with my clients and I often say I wish they’d disappear off the face of the Earth.

Two thoughts, though. First, unfortunately, they’re still with us and unlikely to disappear any time soon. Second, I rece


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