We understand the Adelaide job market

how do we support your staff through change?

We can assist your organisation to optimise the careers of your employees at all stages of the employment cycle.

Career Transition

We partner with you to deliver tailored Career Transition / Outplacement Programs so that termination and reorganisation processes are done sensitively and skilfully.

We understand that every organisation is searching for a competitive advantage and that a talented and engaged workforce is at the heart of your ongoing success.

Career Management

Our Career Management Programs help you to keep the right people on the bus, facing in the right direction and allow the wrong people to leave the bus, with dignity.

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what Career Toolkit do i need to get a job?

We believe that your ability to generate an income is among your most important assets.

To help you win that next job, access our expertise so that you have your Career Essentials at your fingertips.

Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviews

LinkedIn Profile

And, of course, with the rise and rise of LinkedIn, we deliver the latest Career Marketing essential: a quality Linkedin Profile.


How do I audit my career and jazz it up?

You spend over half of your waking life at work, so we understand that getting your career right is crucial.

From Personality Preferences to Salary Negotiation

Our suite of services will help you gain the winning edge when it comes to managing your career.

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Career Advice Here and Now

As a busy professional grappling with the rapidly changing work environment of 21st Century Australia, it’s not easy to be sure you’re on the right track.

In My Career Rules! Catherine Cunningham offers cutting edge career tips to help you navigate our Australian job market.



Catherine Cunningham, Director

talks about her unique position in the field of Career Transition.



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Linda, from a Marketing background

talks about the career support she received from us in December 2016.



Our logo sums up our approach

At The Career Consultancy, we:

  • Support you to change your career for the better

  • Add strategy to job search and career success

  • Transfer our skills to you so that you...

So that you…soar!

Catherine Cunningham, Director


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