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We can assist your organisation to optimise the careers of your employees at all stages of the employment cycle.

We partner with you to deliver tailored Career Transition / Outplacement Programs so that termination and reorganisation processes are done sensitively and skilfully.

We understand that every organisation is searching for a competitive advantage and that a talented and engaged workforce is at the heart of your ongoing success.

Our Career Management Programs help you to keep the right people on the bus, facing in the right direction and allow the wrong people to leave the bus, with dignity.

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We believe that your ability to generate an income is among your most important assets.

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You spend over half of your waking life at work, so we understand that getting your career right is crucial.

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We've supported executives, professionals and first line individuals to find a new job in multiple industries and technical areas - throughout Australia and internationally. We've been around since 2000, so we know what we're doing. Our Consultants are highly skilled and trained, hand-picked from a range of professional backgrounds, so they marry commercial savvy with career expertise. We've even delivered individual Outplacement programs over Skype to clients in Europe as they've looked to relocate back home in Australia. Tap into our knowledge base now!

Catherine Cunningham, Director

talks about her unique position in the field of Career Transition.



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CASE STUDY – June 2016

In June 2016, I was approached by a high-level Administration Officer / Project Officer. Phay had been made redundant five months earlier. Since then, she had applied for approximately 35 jobs which resulted in only 2 interviews prior to getting a temp position via a friend.  Phay was on the verge of moving interstate which was a last resort because she did not want to move away from family and friends.

Phay asked me to review her résumé and to help her with a cover letter for a job she was about to apply for. What was wrong with the résumé and what did I do about it?

  1. Phay used most of Page 1 to describe the junior, part-time role she was currently acting in. So, she was sending mixed messages because the rest of her résumé centred on much more senior roles.
    I fixed that up by ensuring that her previous more senior role featured on page 1.
  2. Phay's résumé was very unattractive – old-fashioned font, poor and confusing layout and spacing. 
    I used one of our résumé templates so that the layout obeyed the rules of modern documents.
  3. Phay’s résumé had no achievement statements at all. 
    I helped her to write powerful achievement statements so that they became strong marketing statements.

Phay’s cover letter broke three key rules, so I helped her to complete a powerful document that:

  1. Positioned her as the ideal candidate
  2. Conveyed clearly how keen she was on the role
  3. Ensured that she sounded normal and natural – the type of person you’d enjoy working with.

The outcome? Dramatic, but not unusual. Within 1.5 weeks, Phay had been contacted for two interviews – one as a Trainer and another as an Education Support Officer. 

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Catherine Cunningham, Director




Linda, from a Marketing & Comms background

talks about the career support she received from us in December 2016.